Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Arden of Faversham (Scene 4-12)

I know that I should be making some brilliant insight into how this play is constantly using stereotypes to peg Alice as a monstrous woman in practically every scene, and I have every intention of doing that soon enough. For now though, I just can't seem to quit laughing at how Shakebag and Black Will keep bumbling around like complete idiots. I find this play completely hilarious. I have decided that if Arden ever dies it will be by mistake. One of these silly characters will fall on him with a knife or accidentally drop a rock on his head. It really is just too funny to take serious at the moment with Shakebag and Black Will fighting one another over honor, falling into ditches, and missing their chance to kill Arden at every turn.
However, I have found that there are lots of passages within this one play that should be approached seriously. I also think that there are enough passages that are relevant to my topic to keep me writing for weeks. So, I've decided that I will approach them slowly and write a little bit about each one as I have time between readings. For anyone out there who might be reading this (it appears as if I'm speaking only to myself and my Professor), I may not approach these passages in any specific order, but I do plan to cover most of them. Even if I have to do this scene by scene.

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