Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Various Sources

While I have had no luck trying to upload the previously mentioned image, I have found numerous sources pertaining to infanticide in the literature of Early Modern England. Keith Bothello has written a very informative article that can be accessed through Project Muse, which is entitled "Maternal Memory and Murder in Early-Seventeenth-Century England". Written in 2008, this article discusses how the fears and common views of women during this period influenced the literature. It's an extremely interesting article that offers insight into why murderous mothers were demonized, and discussed using language that made them appear monstrous. Another source that is certainly worth mentioning is the book, Nature's Cruel Stepdames, by Susan C. Staub. This book not only offers insight into the literature of the period, it also offers readable versions of some of the street literature, or pamphlets from the period. It discusses the murderous mother, the murderous wife, and the murderous husband. It offers great insight into the mindset that influenced the writings of the period.
While this is only the tip of the iceberg, it's a great start. Meanwhile, I fully intend to get some images uploaded to this site.

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